Food is love. Food is passion. Food is culture. 
Food is everyone.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved food. Probably because my mom is an amazing cook. She attended culinary school, not as a career path, but because she loved to cook, and as a result, we ate really well at my house. As I grew up, I was always watching her cook, and then started cooking myself any chance I got.

I went to Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon and have worked at a myriad of restaurants including Michelin-recommended restaurant, The Clover Club in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve traveled, eaten, and partied my way across the globe, and I’ve loved being around cooks who took the time to show me the world that I belonged to.

With the nightlife and excitement I get to have as a chef,
I bring a thrilling atmosphere to every wedding, birthday, party, and
event I cater so your night is unforgettable.

I use only the freshest, local, sustainable ingredients and work directly with farmers to ensure your event’s food is one-of-a-kind and fresh as possible.

If you’re ready for a memorable, delicious,
global-inspired menu for your next event, let’s talk.


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